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Survey Now Available  NEW!

Please take a few minutes to complete a brief survey on your experience when walking through the study area. Questions ask about potentially unsafe locations and behaviors, and the survey asks about the types of safety improvements that you would like to see. All responses are anonymous.

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Walk Routes App  NEW!

Walk Routes is a smartphone application that tracks your route and maps your travel within the study area. Data gathered will be used to identify preferred pedestrian walking routes and help inform recommendations for increasing pedestrian safety within the study area.

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Interactive Map  NEW!

Help us understand your safety concerns when walking in Downtown Raleigh. Your experiences walking downtown will provide valuable information about potentially unsafe locations. Is there a place you feel unsafe crossing because of high vehicle speeds or where you donít feel like drivers can see you? Places you have trouble accessing the bus? Simply place a point at a specific location where you have felt unsafe or seen a safety issue and leave a comment explaining the issue.

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Upcoming Events

Information on future events will be posted here. Return to this page for updates or subscribe to the Downtown Raleigh Pedestrian Safety Study mailing list for updates.

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